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Suspended Ceiling

Suspended Ceilings

Suspended ceilings are a fast and cost effective means of significantly improving the look of an office, workspace or room.

They can be installed with an integrated modular light system which is available in a range of styles to suit the illumination demands of the area.

Heating and ventilation equipment can be located within the grid.

The void above the ceiling conveniently hides all electrical wiring, cable trays, air ducting etc and gives a space through which telephone and data cables can easily be run.

Designated fire resistance and acoustic performance levels can be achieved by careful specification of tiles used.

Ceiling tiles come in range of finishes and colours and there are various options for the grid; exposed or concealed, 24 or 15mm widths and various colours available, design features can also be incorporated around columns for example.

With endless possibilities HP Contracts can advise on the most suitable grid, tile and lighting for your application.