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Office Fit Out to Maximise Space

When it comes to making your office layout effective, space is probably the most important thing to take into consideration. If the office is cramped and badly designed then an office fit out will help to make the most of the existing layout.

Why Office Space Is Important

How your employees feel about your office has an effect on the work productivity. If employees feel cramped they tend to feel distracted therefore affecting the output of work produced.

The office is a reflection of the company and disorganisation, clutter and lack of space will give a bad impression to visitors and potential clients.

If you want to get the most out of your employees then keeping organised and providing a pleasant working environment is essential.

HP Office Fit Out Services

When you employ our company to undertake an office fit out for you we will visit your offices and carefully measure and assess the space. Next, we will come up with a few plans outlining how the space you have can be utilised in the best way. By correctly utilising the space you have will create a better flow of traffic and enable the business to run in a more organised manner.

HP office design will explain the best way to arrange the office furniture, can advise on the furniture you choose to buy and will give you different storage options that can be used to make for a more spacious feeling area.

For example, many people opt for large desks in their office when in most cases only a small portion of the desk is actually used. If you choose a smaller desk you can use it in exactly the same way and gain space that it would have taken up previously.

Larger companies often use desks that don’t have any storage in them, so paperwork ends up being on display which makes things more untidy and presents a greater risk of important documents being lost.

Your office refurbishment will also include things like colour schemes, flooring and lighting which can make a massive difference to the feel and function of an office space.

A lack of natural light in offices can affect the health and well-being of workers. HP office designers may be able to find a way to get more natural light into the space or improve the lighting you already have to increase brightness.

The decor you choose can make or break your office space and most designers will go for very neutral tones. Light colours add a sense of space but a pop of brighter colour here and there will add interest to the office and make it look more modern.

Noise pollution is a big problem in offices, particularly if they are open plan. HP office designer can choose noise cancelling flooring such as carpet so the sound of footfall, talking and phones ringing is deadened. This is particularly important in an open plan space.

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